Sean Christie  

Sean Christie, MD, FRCSC

Associate Professor, Department of Surgery,
Division of Neurosurgery, Dalhousie University
Medical Staff, QEII Health Sciences Centre
Director of Research, Neurosurgery

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Advancing spinal surgery and care

Dr. Sean Christie is a neurosurgeon and clinician scientist. In the lab, he is developing an understanding of the mechanisms of secondary injury following spinal cord injury and investigating potential treatment strategies that can be translated into clinical applications. At the same time, he is actively involved in clinical and health systems research to improve delivery of care to patients undergoing spine surgery. These studies encompass:

  • looking at improved techniques, and developing novel treatment approaches and health economic evaluations
  • developing synoptic reporting to enhance accuracy of reports
  • computer modelling to determine predictors of outcomes
    developing electronic referral systems.

Academic background

Sean Christie completed undergraduate studies in chemistry at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax before entering medical school at Dalhousie University. During his residency training in neurosurgery at Dalhousie, he embarked on PhD studies in neural transplantation with Dr. Ivar Mendez. Following his residency, Dr. Christie completed fellowships in neurosurgery and spinal surgery at the University of Chicago, before returning to Halifax to join the faculty in the Department of Surgery, Division of Neurosurgery. He has received numerous awards, scholarships and honours for his research and clinical achievements.

 Selected Publications

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